Where did Tom The Great come from?

It would be fair to say I didn’t like my sister very much when we were kids. She was mean and I was five years younger then her. Now that we are old, being five years younger is awesome, but at seven years old it sucked. One day she decided to start calling herself Super Stacy (to this day she still calls herself Super Stacy and has convinced all my kids to call her that). Back when I was seven, I couldn’t let that stand. I had to come up with my own version of my name that was better then hers. Unfortunately the only thing I could think of at seven was Tom The Great. For the last 35+ years she has been Super Stacy and I have been Tom The Great.

I wish I had a better story about the origin of Tom The Great instead of it just being a kid’s pitiful attempt to best his older sister. At least I am younger than her.

Who is Tom The Great?

I am many things, but mostly misunderstood. One of those people with a crunchy exterior and soft interior. Or like a beer. An acquired taste that you keep asking yourself why you would want to acquire it, but once you do you realize it is pretty great. I am highly introverted, but I force myself to do uncomfortable things, like socialize with people or volunteer or leave the house.  You combine my introversion with my dark and sarcastic humor and you get that crunchy exterior. Past that though I am a big ol’ softy.

I married my high school sweet heart, we have four kids together, and we have had many pets over the years. I work in technology, have a couple degrees, and volunteer my limited free time in educational and sports related activities. I don’t particularly like watching many sports except for Soccer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I used to run, but I got old and slow. Being old and slow combined with some injuries resulted in my giving up running. When I am not injured I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I am on the very long very hard path for my training. Those of you that do BJJ will understand. My kids on the other hand are on the easy path and I am infinitely jealous of them. I am a gamer, but I have almost zero time to play video games.

That’s the gist of Tom The Great.